Johnny Apple drops FutureKings produced new single, “Home Tonight”

Teen heartthrob turned young superstar Johnny Apple released his new single “Home Tonight” today to the joy of his legions of fans on social media. The track, which was written by Ruby Gill and produced by FutureKings (Ross Jack & Alex Parker) serves as the first taste from his forthcoming EP, due out later this year.

Word on the block is his sophomore album is due early in 2017. Have a listen to “Home Tonight” below to get an indication as to his newer musical direction and what to expect for his future releases:


20 Years of Special K

I came up riding the wave of post-grunge, shoe-gaze androgynous angst of the mid 90’s, so naturally my GenY heart was all a –flutter when Placebo announced the October 7th release date for their retrospective album, A Place for Us to Dream. Comprising of a double CD offering featuring 20 years of career-spanning classics like Every Me, Every You, Pure Morning, Special K, Nancy Boy, Black Eyed, Soulmates, The Bitter End, Special Needs (I could literally go on and on!), as well as an EP of previously unreleased material, called “Life Is What You Make It”.

The release will be further supported by a 9-city 20th anniversary tour in December, where lucky fans will be treated to old classics that haven’t seen the stage in years (the FOMO is real).

The announcement served as a platform with which the band launched the music video for their new single, “Jesus’ Son”. To be honest, my feelings on this new release are mixed. Michael Marotta calls the song “spirited”. I prefer the term “vanilla”. The signature angst, the pain, the substance-abuse addled despondency ironically struck with up-beat chords and near-pop catchiness, underscored by the innocent beauty of Brian Molko’s effeminate swoons – all of those complicated confluences of emotion that made Placebo interesting – are deafeningly missing from this new single.  The tribal artistic direction of the music video is a definite departure from Placebo’s oeuvre.

Twenty years is a long time for any rock band to successfully maintain a career, naturally behoving the artists of change, progression and evolution. In the same vein, twenty years is a long time for an old fan to adjust to change. Molko and co. took the plan and spun it sideways. But they are giving us die-hard purists 20 years of classics, to stave off the withdrawal.

Just like Special K.

Contributor: Larissa Fainberg

The Enigmatic Gospel of Jack White

Any Jack White apostle would agree that there has been a very long drought. Yes, The Dead Weather released an album last year, but it just isn’t the same if Jack isn’t front and centre as we all know and love him. But, fear not pilgrim… The rains are a coming… Early September, like John the Baptist, Jack White returns with a luscious offering spanning his entire enigmatic career from the canonical The White Stripes to the vaudevillian The Raconteurs. White’s Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016, set for release on September 9 will reveal a different side to the man. Over 20 remixed and remastered alternate acoustic songs, this offering is the ultimate songbook collection of Jack White. There are no live songs, neither are there any covers. It is a pure unadulterated selection of songs, curated for this release.

 Watch the teaser here:

Contributor: Clyde Davis

Bae-watch alert! Tinashe sizzles in her new video for “Superlove”

Yowza! Just when you thought she couldn’t look more incredible than she did in the video for her monster smash “2 On“, Tinashe surprises us with a sizzling Baywatch inspired video for her new single “Superlove”. Word on the block is that the pop grower will be the lead single from her forthcoming new album ‘Joyride‘, due out this coming October according to some sources. Check it out and share the love:

Tove Lo drops new summer banger, “Cool Girl”

She may have been quiet for a while and to be honest, we thought she would have been much bigger by now thanks to the amazing tracks on her debut album! Regardless, Tove Lo dropped a new single this morning called “Cool Girl” and a few spins in we’re really feeling it. Is this 2016’s “California Girls”? Only time will tell.

Streaming is here and it’s here to stay

It’s insane to think that the industry has transitioned so much, that the second highest US selling album of the last week sold less than 18k copies. For reference, the US #2 album this week 10 years ago (back in 2006) was from DMX, who opened with 126,000 copies first week; 7x more than current times. Thankfully the era of music streaming is here, and it’s here to stay! It’s time to move forward with the times. Do you have a subscription to Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify or something similar? What has your experience been like with these platforms?

While the way we are consuming music is changing, people will always have a need to consume music, so it’s important to educate yourself so you don’t get left behind.

At last! Zara Larsson’s new single is around the corner

The “Lush Life” and “Never Forget You” budding popstar has been hard at work on her debut studio album, and fans rejoiced when she tweeted that her album is done a couple of days ago. We’ve been wondering when we’d be hearing new music from her and it seems that the wait will soon be over, thanks to a tweet from TEN Music Group indicating that it’s only a “couple of weeks” away. Watch this space for more from Zara but in the meantime, have a listen to one of her lesser known tracks to showcase just how much potential she has for a shot at an international career:

‘Kanye and Drake’ is trending on Twitter… here’s why

The superstar pair have announced plans to release a collaboration album in the near future! With Drake’s ‘Views‘ selling tons of copies a week and topping the Billboard chart for most of this year, and Kanye’s ‘The Life of Pablo‘ still causing online furor, it is clear that this is a monster coupling and we can’t wait to hear what it will bring!

While we have you here, check out this reminder of one of the more recent times they got together on a track (and take note of the view count on this one):

Happy 35th birthday, MTV! Here’s the first video they ever played

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 35 years since MTV hit the airwaves and a lot of our childhoods will be full of memories of watching ‘TRL’ weekday afternoons, or waiting to see that new video from Jennifer Lopez showing off her assets back in the early ’00’s. The team at Hookmode would like to wish MTV a happy 35th birthday and while the channel has undergone many changes over the years (cue the 400th rerun of ‘Teen Mom‘, eek), we still love them like the day it all began and we are happy to share the first video they ever played with you:

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