Hip-hop is hitting hard and quite early in 2016 with the coolest artists releasing albums! In the past two weeks, we’ve seen 2 amazing, surprise albums being dropped with releases and a third on its way. Check them out below and get yourself a copy or stream the damn albums, they’re great!

J. Cole – Forest Hills Drive – LIVE
J. Cole has surprised his fans around the world on his birthday with the release of his new live album, Forest Hills Drive: Live, from Fayetteville, NC.  The album, recorded at his recent sold out show at the Crown Coliseum in his hometown of Fayetteville, NC and featured on a recent HBO documentary, features tracks from his critically acclaimed and platinum selling album in 2014 Forest Hills Drive as well as a medley of his classics “Lights Please,” “Can’t Get Enough,” and “Nobody’s Perfect.”

Get it on iTunes, Google Play Music, MiTracks. Stream it on Apple Music, Deezer or Simfy.

Future was the second artist who surprised the world by dropping the pre-order for his brand new album EVOL exclusively on iTunes/Apple Music. As hinted by DJ Khaled earlier this week on his socials – and a surprise announcement by Future himself. Future spent Wednesday building anticipation for his forthcoming album. Early in the day he shared “Sh!t about to get real in a few hrs” on Twitter and promised that it would happen at “Midnight eastern”.

With 2 #1 albums last year (DS2 & What A Time To Be Alive), 2 Platinum Singles (‘F#@k Up Some Commas’ & ‘Where Ya At’), 2 #1 Singles (‘Where Ya At’ & ‘Jumpman’) – not to mention most recently the Purple Reign Mixtape dropped in January 2016  – Future is on Fire!

Now fans worldwide have been thrown into frenzy, again with the surprise announcement of a new Future project: EVOL!

After months of anticipation, Yo Gotti has set “National Hustle Day” as 19 February 2016 for the release date of his new full-length album, The Art of Hustle. In revolutionary fashion, Yo Gotti empowers his fans to “join the Hustle today”. The multiplatinum Memphis rapper personally selected top supporters online and DM’d them the music video for “Down In The DM” on Twitter and Instagram. He actually granted his audience the power to premiere it. Almost immediately, the clip spread virally across social media via his devout fan base, and became an instant trending topic on Twitter and Instagram – we think that was an awesome idea! Well played Yo Gotti!

Like everything Gotti does, the “Down In The DM” video is unforgettable. Filming what might be the dopest wedding in history, he casted numerous friends including DJ Khaled, MGK, Rae Sremmurd, YG, Wildn Out star Billy Sorrells, and Cee Lo Green as a priest (you read that right!) as well as social media sensations She Loves Meechie and Reggie Couz, who Gotti enlisted after viewing a hilarious online video in which Meechie stars.

We wonder what he is going to be doing for his new album dropping on 19 February. Why not get involved with the Hustle and pre-order the album on iTunes and Google Play Music.

Let us know what your thoughts are on 3 albums and artists in the comments section below.

Contributors: Roxanne Maritz & JP Sing