Australian singer-songwriter Josef Salvat is not only an all round hottie, but an incredibly talented man too. The 27 year old dropped his new studio album ‘Night Swim‘ this past Friday the 19th of February, and it was the only album we had on repeat this past weekend. Preceded by the radio singles “Open Season” and “Paradise“, Josef has delivered an album that is not only radio friendly and generally easy on the ears, but also a consistent piece of work, something lacking in a majority of the pop albums that have hit shelves in the last couple of years (we’re talking to you, Iggy Azalea).

Night Swim’ starts strong with the two singles from the album, both sassy up-tempo synthpop numbers with hooks to die for. It’s easy to see why these were picked to kick off the album as they set a particularly cheerful tone and mood for the release as a whole. “Hustler” and “Punchline” bring things down a little bit in terms of tempo but showcase Salvat’s vocals in a way not heard on either “Paradise” or “Open Season”. If you ask us, “Punchline” sounds like a cut that could have made it’s way onto Adele’s multi-platinum selling ‘25‘. “Closer” is a track you’ll expect as a future single when you hear it for the first time, due to the fact that it feels like it continues where “Paradise” leaves off and also has the ability to get stuck in your head right off the bat.

“Till I Found You”, albeit a little predictable, almost feels like a Ryan Tedder penned track and fits perfectly halfway into the album. “Shoot and Run” is our favourite from the project as a whole, while loaded with nostalgia and being 808 heavy, the chorus draws you in more so than any other track of his and there is a reason that we’ve played this one more than thirty times since it was released last week. Maybe it’s just us, but we’re sure we can envision “Shoot and Run” in the credits of an action movie sometime in the near future.

“Constant Runners”, “The Days” and “Secret” are the other standout tracks from ‘Night Swim’ and these solidify the overall mood and quality of the album. The title track is perhaps the one song that has taken longer to grow on us; we’re not sure whether it is the very direct nature of the lyrics (“Just stay a little longer and swim with me, in this rooftop pool”) which leave little to the imagination and may have required a bit more creative metaphor use. All in all it however doesn’t take away from the quality of the album which is further solidified by what is the only cover on the album: Rihanna’s monster #1 “Diamonds” is stripped down with perfect execution and Josef’s vocal does not disappoint (hell, even Sia would have been happy to hear the track she penned delivered so well).

All in all, ‘Night Swim‘ is a solid effort from a relatively new artist who has the potential to cross over into a multitude of markets, not only because he sings in more than one language (check out his French version of “Paradise”), but because he has to chops to back it up. ‘Night Swim‘ is our album of the week with good reason and we’d suggest you give it a spin today, tomorrow and the day after that.

josef salvat night swim cover

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