Switch on the radio. Flick on the TV and flip the channel to something music related. It’s either going to be tropical dance or the run-of-the-mill pop confetti that you’ve heard so many times before but never really went, “Oh! Is that the artist!”. There’s a lot of noise out there, A LOT of noise, and when it comes to keeping your attention, competition is steep. So, it’s quite refreshing when an indie rock outfit cuts a swathe right through all the cut-copy-paste music out there. Enter Paper Route!

Paper Route, heralding from Nashville TN, aren’t new to the music scene, and actually boast quite an impressive résumé. Already two albums into their careers, having toured with artists such as Paramore, Imagine Dragons and Passion Pit, as well as having their music feature on shows such as The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf – you’re probably asking yourself why haven’t you heard about them before. Like I said, there’s a lot of competition out there when you pin an indie trio up against titans such as Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Calvin Harris. But, every once in a while, a band like Paper Route latch onto a sound that puts them on equal footing with said giants.

Paper Route’s new track “Laugh About” It is promethean, with its Nashville-esque guitar jangle and country rock hollering. It goes against the usual grain of mainstream pop music, but still manages to imbue a catchy hook that makes it immediately appealing, and you’ll be hitting the repeat button as soon as it ends. It’s original, it’s refreshing and as accessible as Swifty’s Shake It Off. “Laugh About It” touches on everyday dilemmas such as anxiety, the dreary reality of a blue-collared existence, insecurities that come with wanting to be ourselves and the fear to fail; only to round it off with a nonchalant shrug that brushes all that crap of the shoulder and calls for a sense of humour.

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Contributor: Clyde Davis