Say what!? Pop princess and ‘Best New Artist’ GRAMMY award winner Meghan Trainor surprised the world with the announcement of the release of the pre-order to her brand new album ‘Thank You’ this morning, which is due out as soon as the 13th of May! A change in direction for the young talent with a new look and a new sound on lead single “No” (which goes to radio in just a couple of hours but we might have already had a sneak peak listen to the 2000’s infused R&B/pop crossover jam which is going to be throw a spanner into the works in the pop industry). Meghan is looking to solidify her status as a force to be reckoned with and this new album is definitely sounding like it is going to try and break her out of the conventional ‘old school’ “All About That Bass” sound. We’re a big fan of artists reshaping and experimenting with their sound and it’s clear that Meghan doesn’t want to be stereotyped into the tracks on her debut album.

While “No” is not out on Youtube, VEVO or any DSP’s yet, we predict and expect it to hit #1 when it goes live around the world within a short space of time and we’ll be updating the post shortly with links to hear the track. In the meantime, pre-order your copy of the album so long and you’ll have the song in your inbox as soon as it is available.