With the innovation of social media and the introduction of certain apps that mainly utilise the camera – i.e. Instagram; Snapchat; Vine; Periscope; Skype; Facetime; Face Swap; etc and the integration of camera apps in the form of filters; mobile phone cameras advanced quite rapidly in the past 10 years.

Not only are they used to create stories to share with friends, create memories to remember forever or to capture certain moments but are now being used to film short films and more specifically to the subject matter, music videos – which is what we love the most!

Below are a few of our favourites that we have come across in the past few years.

Era Istrefi – “Bon Bon”

This music video was shot, on an iPhone, by her boyfriend on a deserted road. It is done quite professionally. Hard to believe that is was shot on a mobile phone.

Zebra & Giraffe – “Terrified”

The dudes have recently announced that they are breaking up but locally, they were the first dudes (that I know of) to have filmed a video with their phones. Slapped it together and put it online.

Youngsta – “Flowing Through my DNA”

Not only is this a rad song, but it is a pretty cool video shot on an iPhone 5 in our great city of Cape Town.

BJSR – “Play”

This was, apparently, the first music video ever shot on an iPhone. So, obviously, we will add it to our list as the original. It’s pretty chilled song but awesome to see that, already, 7 years ago, the iPhone 3Gs’s camera was good enough to film a music video on.

Leverage Models – “Sweep”

Awesome song and video. Shot purely on an iPhone but with a little twist. The directors used an SLR Lens attachment, so maybe a little cheating but either way, it came from an iPhone. Amazing!

‘Searching for Sugarman’

I bet you didn’t know that ‘Searching for Sugar Man’, the Oscar-winner for Best Feature Documentary – though, admittedly, only a few scenes of the movie were shot with an iPhone when director Malik Bendjelloul ran out of money. The majority of the film was shot on Super 8mm film, and the iPhone scenes were shot with the 8mm Vintage Camera app, including the bar scene in the beginning of the movie where the producers discover Rodriguez.

Even the Film Academy has recognized the legitimacy of iPhone filmmaking. Will it replace professional cameras in the near future, highly unlikely but it is still a scary thought for a lot of film makers.

However, we still feel that the more, the merrier. Music is music, and awesome music videos should be shared – no matter what they are filmed on!

What music video, filmed on a mobile phone, is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below.

Contributor: JP Sing