Exactly one minute and thirty seconds into Bring Me The Horizon’s video for “Follow You“, you’re fully aware that they’ve broken every rule in the music video handbook.

Gaping headshot wounds, one dead Labrador (who is fine by the way!) and an open gunfight in the streets of suburbia all introduce the chaotic unravelling of society in this short film. Putting aside the gore and explicit violence, let’s rewind to the opening frame of “Love is blind, deaf and f*cking dumb,” printed in stark white lettering against a black background. Those words encapsulate the message behind BMTH’s “Follow You”.

Love is blind, deaf and in almost every situation it leads you to do stupid things. That’s the nature of love though right? To turn our senses upside down and our souls inside out. Fluttering on life on the wings of love – wait; let’s say true love – you feel seemingly above everything else, wrapped up in its warm cocooned embrace. To be frank, above all the shit of the world around you. Now, keep that in mind, when you watch “Follow You” for the second, and third, fourth and fifth times. We’re following a cupid-struck lover through the end times of open street warfare, coupled with an eclipse (of the heart) and the zombie apocalypse. Again, we have been assured by BMTH that the labrador is fine. He wades through all the blood, flying bullets, crazies and rampaging death squads very much unscathed, unperturbed to reach his one love. Again, it comes down to Oliver Sykes’ lyrics “You can drag me through hell, if it means I could hold your hand”.

The video ends with said Romeo embracing his true love in his arms, oblivious to the fact that she herself has turned into a flesh-eater. An ambiguous end? Maybe. On one hand, is love being condemned? Is all love self-destructive? I like to believe that, as Sykes sings, maybe love is just worth living through hell, if you simply get to hold your true love’s hand.

Watch “Follow You” here:

Contributor: Clyde Davis