South African One Direction ZAYN fans rejoice! Not only did the album debut at #1 on iTunes following release on Friday and it’s set for an opening week at #1 on the Billboard 200, but the young singer has decided to give you even more reasons to smile following the release of his new album ‘Mind of Mine’. No, we’re not talking about the sultry new music video for the album cut “BeFoUr“, but rather about the fact that the physical version of the album, which shipped to stores late last week amidst Easter public holiday madness, contains not only the 18 deluxe tracks promised on iTunes and other DSP’s, but two additional exclusive tracks to round off the offering at a whopping total of 20 fresh tunes!

This is unheard of in today’s times where artists sometimes try pass off an album with 8 tracks (ehm, EP would be a better suited title for anything less) and the most recent example of a worth your dime debut album of this sort would have to be the under appreciated Ella Henderson’s ‘Chapter One’, which contained far more potential hits than she was given credit for and as far as we can recall had over sixteen tracks. Way to girl, set that standard for all artists and their debut releases!

With ZAYN’s multi-million viewed “PILLOWTALK” (below) climbing the Airplay Top 10 in South Africa weekly and with an exclusive album listening party for superfans last week in Johannesburg that had heads turning and resulted in some serious FOMO from tweeps across the planet, it seems that South Africa is adjusting relatively well to post-One Direction hiatus blues and ushering in a new era for the first of the brood to venture out into solo superstardom. Here’s to hoping Harry Styles is next and that he’ll deliver too!

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Photo credit: OUT Magazine