Contributor: Hookmode Editorial

Johannesburg based production duo Isle of Skye has been on our radar for a while thanks to their buzzing Soundcloud page and today marks the official release of their debut single with Sony Music Entertainment Africa/RCA Records. “Gold” is a collective effort from members Rob Jameson & Carl von Hoesslin and they’re both insistent that there is a 50/50 split on all their tracks in terms of creative input. No matter the split, we love the song and it’s a good indicator of the international quality of their sound so in our opinion they should keep it up!

We’re told that “Gold” serves as an introduction to what we can expect from their forthcoming debut EP, which is due on all DSP’s this coming winter. While details around the EP are still scarce there are whispers that they are looking to collaborate with a couple of key industry players this year on top of building their live profile around the country, so we’ll just have to sit tight for now to see what they have in store.

“Gold” is being serviced to all radio on Monday the 18th of April and with early support from campus radio already and a shout-out from Stephanie Be on 5FM earlier this week ahead of the first play on the stations, it seems that the track is on a good trajectory. The track has also been added to Filtr’s ‘Hits of Tomorrow‘, ‘Summer Party‘ and ‘New Music Fridays‘ playlists and received featuring from Deezer and Apple Music upon release and it’s nice to see the solid support to help grow the local industry too.

Stay tuned for more from these guys and watch this space South Africa!

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