South Africa has finally left the kids table and joined the world of digital music streaming. Barring Spotify, services like Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud and Simfy Africa are ushering in a new culture of music consumption. The age of streaming on the horizon, the appeal of albums is quickly diminishing, and it’s quite understandable. With access to over 35 million songs, you can now be as discerning as you want when deciding what music you want to listen to. Whether it’s by cherry picking hit singles from albums, or jumping from artist to artist in an endless journey of music discovery, users are able to engage with whatever music they want, however they want. Talk about a la carte music!

So what’s happened to albums? Although albums are still primary vehicle of release for most artists, they are no longer the primary medium of engagement. People know what they want to listen to. The search for it, add it to their libraries and create playlists of their favourite music. No more need to sift through entire albums for those key tracks. Albums have been supplanted by playlists. And it’s make complete sense. Instead of listening to the new Kygo album, I’d rather listen to the Organic House playlist. Why? Because the playlist not only includes the hits from Kygo’s new album, but it also offers a selection of other trending tropical dance hits that I know I’ll enjoy. It’s a win-win scenario. I get to listen to the new Kygo, and I get to discover new artists that I may love even more! Playlists let people curate and develop their own music tastes, and for the music lover and fan, it’s probably one of the most enjoyable experiences.

But like I said earlier, access to over 35 million songs at your fingertips may be a daunting prospect – and may leave you scratching your head. What if you’re looking for a songs to listen to whilst cooking, or you’re looking for those motivational tracks for a gym workout? Having to look through 35 million songs to find the right tracks can be time consuming. That’s where playlist curators such as Filtr come in. Filtr is made up of a team of music specialists and playlist curators who are dedicated to creating playlists for every situation, activity or mood. Constantly working through the world’s music catalogue and new releases, Filtr’s playlist editors are on the frontline of identifying songs that would make the best possible playlist for a listener. With over 30,000 followers already, across Apple Music and Deezer, Filtr has established itself as South Africa’s leading playlist curator. Whether it be playlists to kick start your morning, ease you into a relaxing evening, inspiring that workout session or keeping up with the latest trending songs – Filtr has you covered. Pre-made playlists to the highest quality is evidently Filtr’s modus operandi. It’s like sitting at a music buffet, with your own personal attendant, taking care of your appetite.

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Contributor: Clyde Davis