Contributor: JP Sing/Andile Mbete

HARMONIZERS UNITE! The girls are back in town with a brand spanking new album 7/27! We got our copy this morning and it is absolutely lit! We love it so much! But not only are they back in town, they are back in London Town doing a full London take-over, celebrating the release.

We absolutely loved ‘Work from Home’!

And not to forget the last music video they released for ‘Write On Me’!

However, for today the global celebration of the release of the album is happening on their 7/27 Global Hub. Click on the image below and celebrate with all the girls! And if you’re going to Tweet or Instagram pics of the girls and the album, use the hashtag #727OutNow.

Global 5H Hub.PNG

At the global hub, you will also be able to keep your ear to ground on the girls’ movements around London today! Alternatively, you can follow the girls on Twitter, Facebook and on  Instagram.

And if you haven’t got the album yet, go and get it now! It’s incredible!

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