Fridays are great days for music because artists release albums on Friday and what made last Friday, in particular, a great day was that is it the release of Architects’ highly anticipated album ‘All Gods Have Abandoned Us’. And man oh man, it was well worth the wait.

Getting into the car that morning, I decided to stream it from Deezer and I can happily say that from the first second of the album to the last, my jaw dropped. Bopping my head in the car, screaming involuntary to the pure awesomeness and power of this album. Architects are a band that keeps getting better and better. From their first album, ‘Nightmare’ through to their new release, it is like a fine wine that has gotten better and matured with age.

They are one of my favourite UK bands and have kept their unique sound, distinctly, to themselves. As heavy as they are, they still retain a narrative that integrates well written lyrical hooks that work beautifully with the rest of the band and music. The first single off this latest offering is ‘A Match Made In Heaven’. Give it a listen below and you’ll understand what I’m talking about,

They also released the Official music video for their track ‘Downfall’ that is on the album, give it a go below:

Ultimately, ‘All Gods Have Abandoned Us’ will have you wanting to run around in circle pits, screaming to the hook lines and bopping your head for days to come! I give this album a whopping subjective 10/10. But if you love heavy music and not too sure about the band, take my 9/10 and give these guys a chance or get the album now!

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Contributor: JP Sing