Any Jack White apostle would agree that there has been a very long drought. Yes, The Dead Weather released an album last year, but it just isn’t the same if Jack isn’t front and centre as we all know and love him. But, fear not pilgrim… The rains are a coming… Early September, like John the Baptist, Jack White returns with a luscious offering spanning his entire enigmatic career from the canonical The White Stripes to the vaudevillian The Raconteurs. White’s Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016, set for release on September 9 will reveal a different side to the man. Over 20 remixed and remastered alternate acoustic songs, this offering is the ultimate songbook collection of Jack White. There are no live songs, neither are there any covers. It is a pure unadulterated selection of songs, curated for this release.

 Watch the teaser here:

Contributor: Clyde Davis