Did Frank Ocean just tease his new single?

It’s no secret that Frank Ocean‘s “Thinkin Bout You” was one of the best songs to come out of 2012 and it has been a long time since we’ve heard anything new from the talented songwriter and crooner. The wait may well be over, with Frank and his team teasing what seems to be his new single, “Boys Don’t Cry”, on this new website. While still shrouded in mystery, some insiders are even suggesting it will be released as soon as this Friday, August 5th. Whether it’s now or later this year, the fact remains that it’s time for some new Frank Ocean and we can’t wait to hear it!


Jidenna’s booty shaking new track is well, simply delicious

To those who thought he was a one hit wonder – “Classic Man” Jidenna is a thing of the past thanks to the release of his new single, “Little Bit More”. The new banger has Pan-Africa written all over it and it is the kind of track you want to add into your gym playlist right at the top (and be prepared to repeat a few times during your workout). Needless to say Jidenna is very nice to look at in the video too! Watch for yourself:

Major Lazer & The Biebs … is the formula getting old?

You tell us. The Biebs and Major Lazer team up for a new track, “Cold Water”. Oh yes! MØ is in there too. We’re still too shocked that “Final Song” isn’t smashing around the world yet to give her any consideration on this one (why are you sleeping on a smash, world?). Our feelings on this aside, “Cold Water” feels like a grower but is instantly predictable on first listen. Has the world grown tired of this sound already? You be the judge:

The Chainsmokers release another fiery #1 single, this time with Halsey

Don’t say we didn’t warn you! The Chainsmokers have had one hell of a year so far with “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” doing the rounds internationally, but it seems the guys are showing no signs of slowing down with the release of another taste of their forthcoming studio album in the form of “Closer” featuring Halsey. 6 million views in three days and shooting straight to #1 on SA iTunes? Who cares if the SABC is playing 90% local these days. This one will do the rounds regardless. Check it out!

Good Things come in 3’s – The return of Netsky

Rio, Last year’s global summer time anthem, was not only a fun tribute to one of the world’s most beautiful holiday destinations it was the ultimate example of the unbreakable spirt of Drum and Bass, a genre that has survived every new trend over the past twenty years and has emerged even stronger with new ideas, innovators and audience.

The brains behind the single, Belgian producer Netsky, is back with his third album unsurprisingly called 3. For those out of the loop (or who don’t have Rio on every exercise playlist) Netsky, whose real name is Boris Daenen has been making his mark on the electronic scene since 2009 and was cited was one of the “Best Upcoming Producers” at the Drum + Bass Arena Awards.

With his third record Netsky has set his sights on world domination and has created a sparkling new album packed with radio friendly hits that will surely establish him not only as a premier Drum and Bass DJ and producer but as a masterful pop music maven. On 3, expect collaborations with Digital Farm animals (who feature on Rio), Emeli Sandé and charming prince tribute (created days before the superstar’s passing) with electro-funk aficionado’s Chromeo.

The album arrives digitally and as an Apple music exclusive on the 3rd of June.
The track list is as follows:
1 – Thunder Feat. Emeli Sandé
2 – Work it Out Feat. Digital Farm Animals
3 – RIO
4 – Leave it Alone Feat. Saint Raymond
5 – Who Knows Feat. Paige
6 – GO 2 Feat. Digital Farm Animals
7 – High Alert Feat. Sara Hartman
8 – TNT Feat. Chromeo
9 – Stay Up With Me Feat. Arlissa
10 – Forget What You Look Like Feat. Lowell
11 – Bird of Paradise
12 – Jauz X Netsky – Higher

Contributor: Andile Mbete

Architects – ‘All Gods Have Abandoned Us’ Review

Fridays are great days for music because artists release albums on Friday and what made last Friday, in particular, a great day was that is it the release of Architects’ highly anticipated album ‘All Gods Have Abandoned Us’. And man oh man, it was well worth the wait.

Getting into the car that morning, I decided to stream it from Deezer and I can happily say that from the first second of the album to the last, my jaw dropped. Bopping my head in the car, screaming involuntary to the pure awesomeness and power of this album. Architects are a band that keeps getting better and better. From their first album, ‘Nightmare’ through to their new release, it is like a fine wine that has gotten better and matured with age.

They are one of my favourite UK bands and have kept their unique sound, distinctly, to themselves. As heavy as they are, they still retain a narrative that integrates well written lyrical hooks that work beautifully with the rest of the band and music. The first single off this latest offering is ‘A Match Made In Heaven’. Give it a listen below and you’ll understand what I’m talking about,

They also released the Official music video for their track ‘Downfall’ that is on the album, give it a go below:

Ultimately, ‘All Gods Have Abandoned Us’ will have you wanting to run around in circle pits, screaming to the hook lines and bopping your head for days to come! I give this album a whopping subjective 10/10. But if you love heavy music and not too sure about the band, take my 9/10 and give these guys a chance or get the album now!

Deezer / iTunes / Apple Music / Google Play Music

Contributor: JP Sing

Hallowed Grounds of Brakpan: Iron Maiden Book of Souls Tour – Johannesburg

Slipping into the night. Hours pass, spent in an hours-long queue of pensive souls that meandered through the biting chill and evening darkness sweeping Carnival City’s Festival Lawns in Brakpan. Rows of devout metalheads; cut through the crisp May evening as far as the eye could see, all united for one purpose: to see legendary icons of metal, Iron Maiden, perform the Johannesburg leg of their much-anticipated South African leg of their Book of Souls World Tour.


Although Iron Maiden has previously graced SA soil back in 1995, this was the first live performance in our country to feature the “authentic” band line-up of vocalist Bruce Dickinson at the helm (as the frontman as well as the chief pilot of the band’s own touring plane, the Ed Force One), making this tour especially significant to three generations of local fans. Founded in the UK in 1975, the average age represented by these NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) kings is around 59. And yet the dynamism and vigour of each musician was as –or even more- vibrantly electric as performers half their age (including the opening act, The Raven Age). Their performance of 1982 epic Hallowed Be Thy Name sent shivers down the spines of a +-9000-strong crowd, whose demographic rage could easily be said to range from 16 to 65. Legendary music for legendary audiences, indeed.


Whilst the crowd devoured anthemic favourites like Hallowed Be Thy Name, The Trooper, Wasted Years, Powerslave, Number of the Beast and Fear of the Dark, new repertoire from the Book of Souls album, received an equally fanatical response from fans.

Inspired by the mysterious Mayan Civilization – and dramatically represented by beloved band mascot Eddie – the Book of Souls Jo’burg performance did not disappoint: from the stage production and pyrotechnics; to the dedicated performance of the band, Iron Maiden brought their signature theatrical opera-styled performance to three generations of South African fans. It was beautiful. I cried a little…but totally in a metal way. Heavy metal is an aging, and sadly dwindling scene in South Africa. But Iron Maiden’s invigorating performance, and hopefully more highly billed international acts, could just be what saves it….at the Speed of Light.

Get the Book of Souls album on iTunes here.

Listen to Speed of Light on Filtr ZA’s Metal AF playlist on Simfy.

Contributor: Larissa Fainberg

Fifth Harmony – The Girls are back in Town, London Town, that is…

Contributor: JP Sing/Andile Mbete

HARMONIZERS UNITE! The girls are back in town with a brand spanking new album 7/27! We got our copy this morning and it is absolutely lit! We love it so much! But not only are they back in town, they are back in London Town doing a full London take-over, celebrating the release.

We absolutely loved ‘Work from Home’!

And not to forget the last music video they released for ‘Write On Me’!

However, for today the global celebration of the release of the album is happening on their 7/27 Global Hub. Click on the image below and celebrate with all the girls! And if you’re going to Tweet or Instagram pics of the girls and the album, use the hashtag #727OutNow.

Global 5H Hub.PNG

At the global hub, you will also be able to keep your ear to ground on the girls’ movements around London today! Alternatively, you can follow the girls on Twitter, Facebook and on  Instagram.

And if you haven’t got the album yet, go and get it now! It’s incredible!

iTunes/Apple Music/Google Play/Deezer

Filtr: South Africa’s Leading Playlist Curator

South Africa has finally left the kids table and joined the world of digital music streaming. Barring Spotify, services like Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud and Simfy Africa are ushering in a new culture of music consumption. The age of streaming on the horizon, the appeal of albums is quickly diminishing, and it’s quite understandable. With access to over 35 million songs, you can now be as discerning as you want when deciding what music you want to listen to. Whether it’s by cherry picking hit singles from albums, or jumping from artist to artist in an endless journey of music discovery, users are able to engage with whatever music they want, however they want. Talk about a la carte music!

So what’s happened to albums? Although albums are still primary vehicle of release for most artists, they are no longer the primary medium of engagement. People know what they want to listen to. The search for it, add it to their libraries and create playlists of their favourite music. No more need to sift through entire albums for those key tracks. Albums have been supplanted by playlists. And it’s make complete sense. Instead of listening to the new Kygo album, I’d rather listen to the Organic House playlist. Why? Because the playlist not only includes the hits from Kygo’s new album, but it also offers a selection of other trending tropical dance hits that I know I’ll enjoy. It’s a win-win scenario. I get to listen to the new Kygo, and I get to discover new artists that I may love even more! Playlists let people curate and develop their own music tastes, and for the music lover and fan, it’s probably one of the most enjoyable experiences.

But like I said earlier, access to over 35 million songs at your fingertips may be a daunting prospect – and may leave you scratching your head. What if you’re looking for a songs to listen to whilst cooking, or you’re looking for those motivational tracks for a gym workout? Having to look through 35 million songs to find the right tracks can be time consuming. That’s where playlist curators such as Filtr come in. Filtr is made up of a team of music specialists and playlist curators who are dedicated to creating playlists for every situation, activity or mood. Constantly working through the world’s music catalogue and new releases, Filtr’s playlist editors are on the frontline of identifying songs that would make the best possible playlist for a listener. With over 30,000 followers already, across Apple Music and Deezer, Filtr has established itself as South Africa’s leading playlist curator. Whether it be playlists to kick start your morning, ease you into a relaxing evening, inspiring that workout session or keeping up with the latest trending songs – Filtr has you covered. Pre-made playlists to the highest quality is evidently Filtr’s modus operandi. It’s like sitting at a music buffet, with your own personal attendant, taking care of your appetite.

Follow Filtr on Apple Music and/or Deezer for a truly great listening experience.

Stream Filtr’s TOP 40 playlist, and keep up with South Africa’s chart-toppers.

Contributor: Clyde Davis

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